The Haybob 300 and HS 360 are universal haymakers where in both spreading and tedding operations the crop is fed between the rotors.

Vicon Haybob 300-HS 360

Perfect spreading and tedding

Both Haybob and HS are tedder-rakes with adjustable tines, that are maintained in the horizontal working position by centrifugal force. The tines float through the stubble to move all the crop. The universal haymakers have two different types of tines: wide and narrow.

As a result of this a wide working-surface is obtained. The machines link high capacity to clean working even in the heaviest crops. The crop divider between the rotors devides the crop equally over both rotors. This results in an even spread without lumps.

Perfect ground following capabilities
The Haybob and HS follow the tractor independently over rough field conditions, thanks to their moveable link brackets. The wheels are angled forwards to the front of the rotors, close to the working tine tips. Therefore not only the wheels but also the tines smoothly follow ground contours. The wide tyres also ensure smooth running of the machine.

From tedder to rake within a matter of minutes
Reposition the tines, swing the crop deflectors, adjust the wheels and within 1 minute your Haybob is set from tedding to raking position or reversed. With the HS 360 you also have to reverse the rotation of one rotor, set the crop divider and crop curtain and swing the mainframe. These settings you do within minutes.