The new CM 2800 with 2.80 working width

The mower bar can be operated at an angle of 90

Spring loaded break-away device

Fast lift on headlands

Safe transport

Vicon CM 1700-2200-2400-2800

The range of Vicon CM side mounted disc mowers are very easy to use solutions for reliable performance, and excellent mowing quality.

Sturdy construction

The Vicon CM mowers have a sturdy A-frame. The well proven V-belt drive protects the drive line and mower bar in case of foreign obstacles blocking the mower.  

Spring loaded break-away

When colliding with a firm obstacle the mower bar will swing back thus absorbing the heavy shock. By reversing the mower both mower and break-away are reset in the working position. 

Adjustable linkage pins

The A-frame has adjustable bottom linkage pins for better adaptation to the tractor wheel track. 

Fast lifting at headlands

A hydraulically operated parallelogram system lifts the mower horzontally without moving the three-point linkage of the tractor. The mowing unit is kept parallel to the ground as it is lifted, so swath damage is eliminated. 

Wide mower bar operating angle

The CM mower bar can be operated at an angle of 90 vertical and 45 up and down slopes.